Provisional Interval

ATI-LA working photo Want a focussed experience with the Alexander Technique? Consider a short-term intensive.

Have one-on-one mini-lessons (“turns”) five days a week with teachers and current trainees. Participate in discussions, lectures, demonstrations and other class activities. Course curriculum includes anatomy, movement exploration, reading of material by F.M. Alexander, and consideration of Alexander Technique principles in daily life.

The Provisional Interval provides an opportunity to join the Teacher Training Course to determine whether or not training to be an Alexander Technique Teacher at ATI-LA is appropriate. This Provisional Interval does not lead to certification as a teacher of the Alexander Technique unless the student continues on the three-year course. If the student continues as a trainee within six months of completion of the Provisional Interval, credit hours may be applied toward hours for certification.

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Appication Requirements

Trainees may be accepted for enrollment at the beginning of each trimester in which there are openings.

Prerequisite: it is required that at least 30 private lessons have been taken before being admitted to the training program. Of these, a minimum of two lessons must be with the Co-Directors of ATI-LA.

Required documentation:

  1. A letter of recommendation from the applicant's Alexander
    Teacher(s) is required.
  2. Copy of High School Diploma or equivalent. The State of California requires all enrollees to have a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  3. Completed Application Form.
  4. $50 non-refundable application fee.


Provisional Interval can take place during any of our three terms per year (Fall: September to December, Winter: January to April, or Spring: April to the end of June.) Click here for current schedule. Click here for current Calendar.


Our studio in Santa Monica is home to the training course; all activities take place there.