Post-Graduate Study

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Join the Teacher Training Course class for a specific amount of time. Have “turns” with the faculty and work with the whole range of trainees from beginners to almost-graduates. Glean valuable professional insights working with a teaching faculty from a variety of Alexander Technique backgrounds.

Refine your skill of teaching activities from sitting and standing to yoga or playing the cello, as well as working with students in constructive rest. Course curriculum includes anatomy, movement exploration, reading of material by F.M. Alexander, and consideration of Alexander Technique principles in daily life. Post-graduate study includes conferences with the Director(s) or faculty.


Who should apply?

Any certified Alexander Teacher who would like to further their education


Length of study

Post-graduate study is arranged individually and can range from a week to a full term, depending on your needs and our availability. Class meets Monday through Friday 9:30am–12:30pm.

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The fee for post-graduate study depends on its duration.

How to apply

E-mail us here.